Modern offset house number sign – great house warming gift! Contemporary Look!


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Product Information

My cousin just built a new house in rural Minnesota, and he needed a house number sign that was big enough to see from the street. He also wanted something that would match the modern style of his home.

We came up with this design which covers both bases!

Made from 11 gauge (1/8″) steel.

There are three options for the steel:

raw steel – This is great if you want to paint the sign. It will rust as well, but it won’t be quite as nice as the Cor-ten option

Cor-ten steel – Also known as ‘weathering steel’ – this steel will obtain a layer of beautiful reddish rust

Black powder coated – fantastic sleek modern look, and none of the headache of paint



24"w, 30"w, 36"w, 40"w, 48"w


Raw Steel, Cor-Ten Steel, Black Powder Coated